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  2. French composers looking for film projects

    French composers looking for film projects

  3. The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 4 (Fan Series)

    The Punisher: Uprising - Episode 4 (Fan Series)

  4. Evil Alley

    Evil Alley

    A young couple take a wrong turn into an alley, where they find themselves trapped back in time,with a serial killer on the loose.
  5. WINTERS PAST - Short Action Thriller (WARNING: Graphic Content)

    WINTERS PAST - Short Action Thriller (WARNING: Graphic Content)

    As with every project we had difficulty and faced problems, some of them disastrously big: locations being booked and then unavailable, actors leaving days before production was to be begin, actors leaving DURING production (and hence requiring a change of story), equipment failure, injuries and...


    This film was in production for a little over two years. I started working on this thing back in February 2016 on my old lenovo thinkpad. So much time and effect went into this and I feel extremely relieved to have this thing off of my back. Hope you guys find enjoyment in this little flick and...
  7. The Last

    The Last

  8. Zhukov


  9. Screenbreak - Short Action Comedy Film

    Screenbreak - Short Action Comedy Film

    Two oddly related people, Aaron and Shelby, find themselves in a super action intense gunfire exchange. Not long after, Shelby starts noticing some pretty weird stuff about their situation...
  10. Batman: Gotham Blood

    Batman: Gotham Blood

    Gotham City is in its Golden Age as a decade of bad blood ends with the death of Joker. The Wayne Foundation has been hard at work rehabilitating inmates at Arkham and restoring the city to its former glory. Bruce Wayne is optimistic, but Commissioner Gordon senses something strange in the...
  11. LeonPS

    Looking to score for a short film - free

    Hello, I am a composer living in the UK, I am 16 and have been composing music for some time now, I really enjoy writing music and I would really like to start getting some work and my name out on some projects, that is my only contingency... I get credited where due. Here is some of my work, I...
  12. Ryan Hall


    A lethal game of cat and mouse begins after a mysterious box is found in the wilderness. Everyone is after it, but what is it? BOX was one of two final year films that I made. It was deliberately designed to keep you guessing, whenever you thought it was heading one way, we tried to subvert our...
  13. Just Another Day

    Just Another Day

  14. Jacob Crow

    Looking for a Music Composer for a Short Action Film

    Hi all, We've recently filmed a zero-budget short action film and we're looking for a composer to produce a score. Unfortunately due to the nature of the production, we won't be able to pay for any work done. Our normal composer does not specialise in action, which is why we're searching for...
  15. Sinclair


  16. Shani (2016)

    Shani (2016)

    Shani (2016) is a bilingual dark comedy short film from Imaginarium Productions. Shani means both Saturday and bad luck in both Malayalam and Kannada. The film offers subtle commentary on issues like the penetration of Television and other mass media and alcoholism among the youth. The story...
  17. Broken Vows

    Broken Vows

    Credits: Written, Directed and Produced by Stewart Storrar Vanessa Guiliani as Sarah Aaron Clelland as Colin "Beyond" Composed by Ross Bugden "A Hero Steps Forward" Composed by Teknoaxe With a Special Thanks to Inn Deep Where to follow my work: YouTube -...
  18. Conscience


    This was made for my Intermediate Narrative class in my Junior year.
  19. Jake Lefkowitz

    Hello, My name is Jake Lefkowitz

    Hello, my name is Jake Lefkowitz and I am a Film Composer, Audio Engineer and guitarist. I started playing music at the age of three and have been playing guitar now for fifteen years. I have a diploma from SAE (school of Audio Engineering) which I attended after high school and I now study film...
  20. Hannah Neumann

    Limited 100% Free of Charge and Royalty-Free Cinematic Music

    Filmmakers! Head on over to my Facebook page for a special 'Daily Freebie' week. By 'liking' my page, you will have access to a new, free, cinematic, musical track every day this week. 100% Royalty Free and 100% free of charge. www.facebook.com/hannahneumannmusic/ -Hannah Neumann/Neumann Films