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  1. GlobalDayz

    Short Film Documentary Ideas

    Hello, I'm an unorthodox Youtube video creator who relies solely on stock footage & b roll to create short film type videos on various topics. I previously focused on controversial topics/current events but there have been recent policy changes on the platform. I'm left with no options but to...
  2. BlueBand Films

    What We Learned in 2019 (+ Pokemon Short Giveaway!!)

    Video Blog Post https://www.studentfilms.com/blogs/blog/what-we-learned-in-2019-pokemon-short-giveaway.48/
  3. genshi

    ATTENTION: Student Directors and Composers

    Just a bit of helpful, friendly advice... and maybe a slight rant. ;) Too many times I've seen a Student Director come to this forum, post that they are looking for a Composer for their "drama" film (or what have you) with no other details, and then never return, even though they have received...
  4. B

    Animated Grit: Podcast by Industry Pros offering advice and tips to get a job

    Animated Grit is a podcast where industry professionals talk about animation, the industry, and offer advice to people trying to get into the Animation Industry. We welcome any and all questions. We will answer questions that are sent to us via, Twitter. Send us your questions and/or topics you...
  5. A

    Screenwriting advice, new article available - Where to get Feedback

    The second of my articles on screenwriting basics is now available, this time the focus is feedback and where to get it on your script. Check it out at - http://www.simplyscripts.com/2014/09/26/youve-finished-the-damned-script-now-what-anthony-cawood-primers-for-a-networked-world-part-2/ Anthony

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