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  1. malteschwnkr

    Graphic Design / Marketing for your film

    Hey guys, my name is Malte, I’m 24 years old, and I’m currently studying graphic design in Mainz, Germany. This semester, I’ll be working on my bachelors degree and since I’ve loved movies since I could remember, I figured it would be a fun and worthwhile project to help with the marketing and...
  2. N

    Casting Call for 2 Female Voice Actors (Student Animation)

    Hi, I'm a 4th year animation student from the University of Sydney and my partner and I are currently working on a student directed animation for our Honours project. We're looking for 2 female voices to voice 2 characters, set in the 70s in the UK. Our film is centered around 2 girls in their...
  3. 2018 Submissions Date Approaching!

    2018 Submissions Date Approaching!

    The deadline to submit your film to be considered for this year's festival is quickly approaching! If you have a film you want to submit to us before the deadline of May 18 2018 then please follow this link www.encounters-festival.org.uk/submit-your-film-2018/
  4. Betta09

    Sound designer/composer needed!!

    Hi! I‘m looking for a sound designer/composer for my stop-motion animation. I'm low on budget but I’ll let you create freely. If you are interested or having any talented friends, lmk!! - around 5 mins, b/w hand drawn, fantasy, surreal animation This was my another animation that made in 2015...
  5. John Theodore

    Amazing what a small music budget and great collaboration can yield...

    I was fortunate enough to have the very talented Casey Rosenberg from RIT reach out to me to score her animated thesis film, "Abendrot" last year. I had an absolute blast writing the score, and with the small budget allotted to me for music, I was able to hire an amazing cellist. I know that...
  6. S

    COMPOSER NEEDED - 3 Minute Soundtrack for a Stop Motion Animation

    Hello, I am a final year animation student in the UK. I am making a 3 minute stop motion animation called Ape Escape about the friendship between a young circus escapee orangutan called Ami and an old female marine conservationist named Marina who lives in the middle of the ocean. I will be...
  7. J

    urgently looking for music composer to work on student animation film

    Hi my name is Jessica, i'm currently an honours animation university student from sydney, australia urgently looking for a music composer to work with me on my final year film. my previous music composer informed me a day ago that they are now ill and cannot continue working with me on my film...
  8. D

    Looking for Sound Designer for Animation

    Hello, I'm Diana and I'm currently an honours animation student working on my final project at an Australian university. My partner, Karen, and I are looking for someone who can compose a soundtrack with foley sounds for our 3min 2D animation film. We have a composer for music but they cannot...
  9. Susanna

    Composer/Sound Designer required - Animation about Tourettes Syndrome

    Hello! My name is Susanna and I'm the director and animator for a short film about Tourettes Syndrome. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design in Animation, and this film is my final work for my Honours year. The animation (2 mins long) focuses on a young adult reflecting back on her...
  10. Encounters Short Film Festival


    FINAL DEADLINE 2 JUNE 2017 for Encounters 23rd Short Film & Animation Festival in Bristol, UK, taking place from 19-24 September 2017. This is your last chance to submit for 2017: http://encounters-festival.org.uk/submit-your-film/ Screen your short film at Encounters and be part of a unique...
  11. ktaylor7

    Composer Needed for Student Film

    Hello everyone! I'm a student at University of Central Florida, and I'm in a group of 14 students in their character animation program. We're working together on a short animated film titled "UkeLayla," and we are in need of a composer to score this senior capstone project. Synopsis: An...
  12. M

    Composer wanted for student animation

    Hi there, I'm currently 3 weeks away from completion of my final year animation and I'm in need of a composer. The film is intended to have a political message, but the style is very cartoony, so I want something along the lines of the music used in cartoons like 'Looney Tunes' but with a darker...
  13. Edinburgh Short Film Festival:Shorts News

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival Submissions Now Open for 2017

    Screening the best in International contemporary short cinema at venues across the Scottish capital in Autumn. The best films will be included in our programmes for other festivals across the UK & Internationally. This year, we're excited to be programming films for our 2017 partners: Asia's...
  14. SamKing

    [URGENT] Looking for Sound Designer for Graduation Film

    Hi! Im urgently seeking a sound designer for my gaduate film 'Pink'. It's a stopmotion animation that deals with themes of coming out and internalised homosexuality. As I'm a student, I can offer little to no pay for this job. We can discuss this via email. Sadly, you will not be able to...
  15. M

    [CLOSED] Looking for composer & foley sounds for stopmotion film

    Hey there, I'm Anne and I'm currently an animation student working on my final project at an Australian university. My partner, Jasmine, and I are looking for someone who can compose a soundtrack for our 40-60 sec stopmotion film - and even better - also provide foley sounds. Unfortunately...
  16. SamKing

    (Animation) Looking for composer/sound designer for lgbt short film

    Hey! I'm a 4th yr (hons) student animator looking for a composer and/or sound designer for my graduate film- a 2 min stop motion titled 'Pink'. It is a cheeky take on internalised homosexuality and the stages of grief that come with it. It is a LGBT film so you must be comfortable and...
  17. Anton Arenko

    Bear with Me on IMDB

    Hey guys would be really grateful if you could watch my new film Comedy film Bear with Me and then if you rate and review on IMDB that would be great. Links below. Thank you -Anton Arenko The Film: IMDB :http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5740252/
  18. R.I.P.


  19. Georgia.I.

    Composer looking for animation films (Postgrad major project)

    Hi there! I'm a postgrad student at Kingston University (London), studying Composing for Film & TV. I'm looking for animation films to write music for my major project. The subject of my dissertation is aesthetics and ideology of music of 12st-century animation films. Overall I have to compose...
  20. Trace


    Student animation made as a senior capstone project at Pratt Institute.