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  1. Making Something New - Collage Artist & Comedian J.D. Renaud

    Making Something New - Collage Artist & Comedian J.D. Renaud

    J.D. Renaud is a Winnipeg artist & comedian. He talks about his collage process while working on a new piece created from Super Mario calendars. Filmed by Sara Bulloch and Jessica Seburn.
  2. Ryan Baker

    Hi I'm Ryan Baker, Audio Engineer and Composer!

    Hi! My name is Ryan Baker and I'm a composer and audio engineer for Buffalo and Mustang Studios, a video production company in Lynchburg Virginia. I write music for all of B&M's productions and I've composed music for several short films. You can hear my music on my SoundCloud here: You...
  3. Jarod With

    Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer, Etc.

    ✦ Filmmaker, Artist, Photographer, Dude ✦ Hello! My name is Jarod With. I’m an 18 year old American artist, designer and filmmaker. I am open for freelance work of various varieties! I have been drawing, writing, and making films and videos since I was nine years old and am now attending film...
  4. James. C (DrWhoFan)

    FilmMaker looking for VFX Artist/Graphic Artist for Online Video Series

    Hey Everyone, I've previously Posted in the Composer/Royalty-Free Music Forum and am now here on the lookout for a Potential VFX Artist for my Current Online Video Project set within the Game Universe of Fallout. The main sort of stuff that we would require at a basic Level would be...
  5. Filu & Dina

    Filu & Dina - royalty-free

    Hello everyone! We're Filu and Dina and we are siblings. Both of us love art so we compose, create, record and produce stock audio and graphics. Find us here: http://filuanddina.com Our portfolios: https://www.pond5.com/artist/FiluHalon http://www.istockphoto.com/search/portfolio/8072069...
  6. J

    The Fighting Artist

    This is a comedy-drama-romance blend. I was more interested in the romance story that weaves through. I'm trying to sell it on amazon intsetead of giving away the rights to youtube...
  7. Marco Luca

    X Y Z - Visual poem about a graphic artist’s struggle to keep himself from being lost

    Films are all about executions of ideas. All ideas might sound great in a writer’s head, but if the director has difficulties executing it to the screen, the idea loses all it’s motive. For X Y Z, directors Carles Chiner & Antoni Sendra thought large with a small idea, but created a wonderful...