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  1. stephen.hart

    I'm available to compose music for anyone (if you think I'd be suitable)

    Hi, I won't say too much (hopefully!) I've been a long time composer just doing it for my personal enjoyment but have always wanted to do music or soundtrack to someones project. (video, film, game, what have you) I'm finally keen to give it a go (and have the time to spend on it) So yeh...
  2. Aaron James Eckardt

    Aaron James Eckardt - Music Composer

    Hello, my name is Aaron. I'm a professional music composer with years of experience working on tv shows, commercials, short films, docs, trailers and countless other projects. In recent history I've had the pleasure of writing soundtracks and creating sound design for a 10 episode drama...
  3. LaGrande Music


    Hello - I am a freelance composer available for new projects. The website is a work in progress - follow the link below to look me up and find some samples to listen to. All budgets considered, and I may even already have something available for licensing that will work for you...
  4. Marc v/d Meulen

    Need Music For Your Film?

    Hi There, My name is Marc v/d Meulen. I am a dutch music composer looking for projects to score. My music can be found at my website: http://marcvdmeulen.bugs3.com/ Contact details are also on my website, Hope to hear from you!
  5. Marc v/d Meulen

    Do you need music for your film?

    If so, I'd gladly help out! I'm Marc v/d Meulen, a music composer from the Netherlands. Instead of trying to describe my music in words i'd rather like it if you would take the time to listen to my work: http://marcvdmeulen.zxq.net/ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzvUuTkl3NhEmmU83ndBlg...

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