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avant garde

  1. "Bestattungsinstitut"


    "Bestattungsinstitut" is a short film directed and written by Josh Turner. Starring Carlos Brum, Srinivasarao Doppalapudi, John Herring, and Sarah Sirard. This was filmed in the summer of 2019 and entered into the 2019 Audience Awards Experimental Film Contest. This is a love story about Arthur...
  2. "Being"


  3. Marc v/d Meulen

    To Those Looking For Music For Their Film...

    Hi Filmmakers, Are you looking for an orginal score for your movie? My name is Marc v/d Meulen and I am a film music composer. If you're interested, please visit my webpage made especially for you guys to get to know me and my work: marcvdmeulen.com/filmmusic.html I look forward to hearing...