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  1. Trevor Clifford

    Woods Baseball - Comedy Short Film

    Hey guys, we are a group of filmmakers that are recent graduates of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, please enjoy our first film out of school, Woods Baseball! Criticism welcome! "The great American past time, meets the great American outdoors." WOODS BASEBALL is the latest comedy...
  2. BobbyTannock

    My first foley attempt =)

    Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at doing foley in a video. The animation isn't mine but everything else was created by me. I'd love to hear some feedback for my work and tell me what you think, enjoy! =)
  3. S

    He Dies at the End

    Have you ever seen such a monstrocity as a person being killed? Has someone close to you ever died from something like eating chicken and the next minute they are dead? That doesn't happen in this video, but fuck. I don't know what happens at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf-8Vf6uipw...

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