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camera operator

  1. I

    Los Angeles Camera Op Wanted

    Hello! I am looking for an intern (non-paid) who is based in the Los Angeles area who is willing to be an as needed camera op for fitness videos, for credit or a letter of recommendation. However, minimum compensation can be discussed. Must be able to travel to Santa Monica and/or Venice...
  2. Tobias On The Hill

    Seeking Student Filmmakers

    Seeking Student Filmmakers In Los Angeles interested in gaining experience, IMDb credit, and exposure/collaboration with celebrity guests. *Interested in 4 Filmmakers who are looking for experience/exposure in: Camera, Lighting, Sound, and Directing to rotate duties over the course of 3 total...
  3. D

    Camera Persons wanted

    Emerald Starz Media is looking for camera crews to film commercials, and a web series. We will allow you to use it for course credit and provide copies of the finished product. Sets are catered and there will be multiple opportunities. E-mail Resume to emeraldstarpromotins@emeraldstarpress.net...
  4. Z

    Indie project looking for Production, Post-Production, CGI & Animation Crew

    ZOMBIE QUEEN FROM OUTER SPACE A 20 minute rock movie musical for exhibit online Shot almost entirely on a green screen stage Seeking talented people Deferred pay for most positions If interested, read more on the "Crew" link at: www.zombiequeenproductions.com Contact...

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