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  1. Aidan Collett

    Visual Effects Artist Needed!

    Hello! My name is Aidan Collett and I am the founder of Tumdetme Productions. We are currently in pre-production for our latest film "Batman: Spawn of Darkness" and in planning for this project, I thought it wise to get a good team together so that everything can run smoothly. Being a Batman...
  2. Marco Alessi

    Call for Filmmakers - Pioneers 2015

    Pioneers Festival is looking to showcase short films on the main stage at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna/Austria in front of an audience of 3,000 people, including media from CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Fast Company and many more. We are interested in submissions of...
  3. B

    Animated Grit: Podcast by Industry Pros offering advice and tips to get a job

    Animated Grit is a podcast where industry professionals talk about animation, the industry, and offer advice to people trying to get into the Animation Industry. We welcome any and all questions. We will answer questions that are sent to us via, Twitter. Send us your questions and/or topics you...
  4. Marco Luca

    R'HA - An incredible Sci-Fi alien CGI short created by one man

    R’ha is simply a wonderfully detailed 3D animation created as a solo University project by Kaleb Lechowski. The attention to detail and lighting is immaculate and makes it hard to believe it was all done by one man. The characters, especially the main alien protagonist, seems to be something...
  5. HenryHodge

    LGCAD Comedy/Adventure Series Campaign!

    Click Here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-go-catch-a-dinosaur-campaign/x/797167?c=home I have created a campaign for the upcoming series 'Let's Go Catch A Dinosaur' on IndieGoGo! The comedy/adventure series is about two adventurous eccentric young men that discover a way to go back in...
  6. Z

    Indie project looking for Production, Post-Production, CGI & Animation Crew

    ZOMBIE QUEEN FROM OUTER SPACE A 20 minute rock movie musical for exhibit online Shot almost entirely on a green screen stage Seeking talented people Deferred pay for most positions If interested, read more on the "Crew" link at: www.zombiequeenproductions.com Contact...
  7. Marco Luca

    X Y Z - Visual poem about a graphic artist’s struggle to keep himself from being lost

    Films are all about executions of ideas. All ideas might sound great in a writer’s head, but if the director has difficulties executing it to the screen, the idea loses all it’s motive. For X Y Z, directors Carles Chiner & Antoni Sendra thought large with a small idea, but created a wonderful...
  8. Marco Luca

    The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble.

    Tumbleweed! is a fantastic execution of a rather unusual story thought up by Jared Varava and written by his brother Justin. Proof that creativity can come out of the simplest object, just the person to tumble it out. http://filmshortage.com/shorts/tumbleweed/
  9. Marco Luca

    Ara's Tale - Open Source Animated Short

    It took Martin Lubich 3 years to complete his gorgeous short animated film Ara's Tale. The project files for those 3 long years of work are available for everyone to download and make their own, Martin had the sympathy to create this film as an open film! Above all, it is a joy to watch...