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  1. utopiumproductions

    What's the best way of introducing characters?

    What, in your opinion, is a good way of introducing characters? How do you introduce them quickly, establish to the audience what they're all about, their motivation and how to make that introduction fun? Discuss please! :):D:D
  2. "Reel Eats" with Freddie Lee Jones III

    "Reel Eats" with Freddie Lee Jones III

    Here' my food show project called "Reel Eats", my first guess was Mr. Michael Character of Character's Famous BBQ in Adairsville, Ga.
  3. Marco Luca

    Wait - Daniel Radcliffe waits but what is approaching?

    See a different side of Daniel Radcliffe. A simple and pure film that follows a character waiting for an unseen event to occur which speaks of terror, loneliness, and fragility, it’s a very human narrative. http://filmshortage.com/shorts/wait/
  4. Marco Luca

    Exit - Always play nice with an auto-pay machine

    A grumpy debt collector’s encounter with a faulty automatic pay machine after a long day at work. A good animation film needs a simple plot line with recognizable characters (from our every day lives) with exaggerated features. But when you add a unique animation style with a sense of...

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