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  1. InternationalStudent.com

    Enter the 2016 InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest

    The 2016 InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest is now open for entries. Students from around the world once again have the chance to win the $4,000 grand prize, a $1,000 Viewers’ Choice Award, other runner up prizes, and, of course, worldwide fame. We want the best video you can make...
  2. Religion is a Drug

    Religion is a Drug

    My film teacher set a task for us to make short film noir in four days. This is what I came out with and I looked at experimenting with tracking. Massive thanks to everyone involved. Cast/Crew Dumiso Ndhlela as Leon Dave Taylor as The Vicar. Director - Anton Arenko Production Manager - Beth...
  3. J


    Hey everyone I recently read a script for a short film titled "Unimaginable" it was one of the best short film scripts I have ever read. The creator is from a production team called The Argonauts check out their youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTCCf81MA7njYFmPP9gq0Ag If you...
  4. L

    Student Short Film

    Hi everyone, joined the website to see if there was anyone who is reasonably good at acting who could help me out with a college short film?? Thanks all Lewis
  5. CivilRob

    New Filmmaker - Open Letter

    Dear everyone, Instead of graduating last semester, I decided to make a feature film. I realized taking on the challenge would effect my performance in school but I also knew if I didn't give this film all of my attention it would suffer. That seemed more tragic to me then the thought...
  6. artsnfilm.com

    All Film Students should join this site

    Are you a film student looking to network with students that share the same passion for the creative arts as you, then join artsnfilm.com for free.
  7. U

    Garbage Day- a multiplot comedy

    I'm a new filmmaker, this is one of my earliest attempts at a comedy. Can you guys check it out and let me know what you think? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  8. K

    Single Camera Advice?

    Hi guys Im currently doing a single camera/short film project for a grade at college and wondered if anybody could tell me what they thought the best genre is to do for a short film and any tips please :) thanks!
  9. Tess Pfeifle

    Just Getting Started. Advice needed/wanted/desperately searching for

    Hi! My name's Tess. I like horror movies, especially those produced by Glass Eye Pix. Just graduated from my freshmen year of college! I double major in English Lit and Media Studies with a focus in production. I recently got a camera (and an internship with R.A.D Productions!) and am dying...