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  1. Clap Clap

    Clap Clap

    CLAP CLAP - Life is too short to be lived fast
  2. QUEST FOR THE BUDGET (Comedy Sketch)

    QUEST FOR THE BUDGET (Comedy Sketch)

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwaH... Do you want exciting video content & learn about film production? www.stargazerdigitalmedia.com Instagram @stargazerdigitalmedia Facebook @stargazerdigitalmedia Twitter @stargazer_media
  3. Could Science Be More Accurate??

    Could Science Be More Accurate??

  4. I Need To Go

    I Need To Go

    This was filmed back in early 2018 and I finally was able to convert the Hi-8 Film into digital and edit the video ! please enjoy ! I am very open to all feedback ! thanks !
  5. Ghost Car

    Ghost Car

  6. Water


    I made this as part of a class assignment. I am proud of how it turned out!
  7. semiflex

    Is my short funny? How can I improve my writing?

    Hi there, I wrote this short and I was wondering if anyone found it funny :S. Feel like it's not as good as it should be. I reckon there's too many silences and not enough gags:
  8. Tie The Knot

    Tie The Knot

  9. V I L L A I N

    V I L L A I N

  10. The Betrayal Of Judas (2006)

    The Betrayal Of Judas (2006)

    A mockumentary about the relationship between Jesus and Judas... What more can one say? Anthony came up with this idea, and after working through his material and whittling it down to work in our time-frame, we set about working out how to do it! This was our 2nd film, with the 1st having...
  11. NYTVF

    Call for Entries: NYTVF Indie Pilot Competition Final Deadlines Approaching!

    The 14th Annual Independent Pilot Competition -- FINAL DEADLINES APPROACHING! Want to get your work in front of industry decision-makers? Don’t wait -- submit today! In 2018, NYTVF is accepting submissions for the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC). Looking to submit your produced TV pilot...
  12. Screenbreak - Short Action Comedy Film

    Screenbreak - Short Action Comedy Film

    Two oddly related people, Aaron and Shelby, find themselves in a super action intense gunfire exchange. Not long after, Shelby starts noticing some pretty weird stuff about their situation...
  13. Pee Shy: A Marvel Paody

    Pee Shy: A Marvel Paody

    What happens when three superheroes fight to use a urinal? I don't own the rights to any Marvel Properties!!!!!! Original Script by M. Robert Turnage Additional Add-ons by Freddie Lee Jones III
  14. PORG - A Comedy Short

    PORG - A Comedy Short

    This film was shot in 5 minutes with no camera man besides myself.
  15. Roman Falkenstein

    Composer is looking for a positive movie

    Hi all, I am film composer from Latvia. I am positive person and I like comedies and all other types of a positive films. Here is my showreel: and my website: www.rfmusic.lv If you need music for your positive project - feel free to ask me. Let's be optimists :)
  16. Franky and Fannie

    Franky and Fannie

    This film was shot in 5 days over the summer of 2016. My film mentor challenged me to do a comedy because I had never done one before. Hope you enjoy the film!
  17. A# - An American Experience

    A# - An American Experience

    This film is dedicated to all those (immigrants) who leave their roots in search of a place that they hope will better serve their needs, whatever they may be..career, personal or professional growth, family needs or simply a better lifestyle. The film sheds light on the struggles, hopes and...
  18. What A Night...

    What A Night...

    Fun short. One of many on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwdry7MzDknLPQldKCZEHA
  19. NYTVF

    Last Chance for Discounted Entry: Submit to the 13th Annual Independent Pilot Competition Today!

    Looking to submit your produced TV pilot or series? Submit to the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC), the NYTVF’s flagship, annual initiative, accepting independently-produced, original television pilots and series, short films, and short-form web series from around the globe. For discounted...
  20. I Hate the Color Red

    I Hate the Color Red

    Senior Thesis project from San Francisco State University. Film was inspired by Kevin Smith's Clerks. It's a comedy about a sister and her brother who realize that their family owned video store will become obsolete.