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  1. shorescripts

    2019’s Feature and TV-Pilot Winners Announced

    WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OUR 2019 FEATURE & TV-PILOT WINNERS. VIEW THE LIST: https://www.shorescripts.com/2019-screenplay-contest-results/ The winning scripts are now on their way to our Oscar, Bafta, Golden-Globe, and Emmy-winning roster of Judges who will determine the order of our winners...
  2. shorescripts

    2018 Short Film Fund FINAL Deadline 2nd MAY

    Don't miss this opportunity to become a produced screenwriter, submissions close this Tuesday 2nd May. ENTER YOUR SCRIPT HERE: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/ Shore Scripts will commission at least one short film from this year's winning scripts and, in addition to the funds, will...
  3. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts 2017 Short Film Fund is Now Open

    Now in its second year, the 2017 Short Film Fund offers you a unique opportunity to become a produced screenwriter: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/ With a Top Prize Production Fund of up to $15,000 plus professional support, equipment and management, our Short Film Fund offers...
  4. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts Announce 2016 Semi Finalists

    We are extremely proud to announce our 2016 Semi-Finalists. This year sees the recognition of a wider array of screenwriting talent than ever before, with the introduction of a new TV-Pilot award featuring alongside the acclaimed Feature and Short Script categories. We would like to offer huge...
  5. K

    View over 500 short films for free on TheAudienceAwards.com

    The Audience Awards is a social media site for independent filmmakers to compete and share their short films with an international audience. So if you love watching independent short films then come check us out at http://theaudienceawards.com/ Find us on Facebook-...

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