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  1. Ambrose Freeman-Toole

    Hybrid/Trailer/Ambient Music

    Award winning composer available for your project. I have scored for theater and film in a variety of styles. Ambient, hybrid, orchestral. You can view my portfolio at: https://www.ambrosecomposer.com/ Epic/Hybrid: Adventure/Orchestral: You can reach me via the contact page on my website.
  2. Berk Bekar

    I Can Compose Free

    Hello everyone; I'm from Turkey and I can compose music for your short movies, ads, documentaries etc. free. Well, at least for now :) You can visit to listen to my works. I hope you like them. I personally like making psychological and horror music but you can hear other genres on my channel...
  3. Alun Taylor

    Royalty Free Music - New Composer.

    Hi all, I'm trying to put together a demo show reel and would be interested in offering free music in exchange for use of your film as part of my show reel. My website is still taking shape so it's a little rough and ready at present but there's a wide selection of styles and far too many...
  4. ovenglove

    Composer/Sound Designer looking for projects

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a portfolio/showreel and am seeking projects big and small. I have a a strong musical background, have studied sound design at university and can compose in a variety of styles.I'd be delighted to collaborate on any projects just for the experience...
  5. Paul Cahill

    Composer/Musician Available.

    Belfast, N. Ireland based composer & multi-instrumentalist, working throughout the U.K. & Ireland. Classically trained musician, composer, producer & arranger. Available for free to students. I am trained in composition for Film, Tv, Short Film & Games. Please look over my portfolio...
  6. T

    Composer Looking for High Quality projects to work on

    British- based composer looking for some exciting and high quality projects to get involved in. My work has appeared on UK primetime TV, BIFA nominated 'Sleeping Dogs' Film Trailer, Feature 'The Best Years' Starring Martin Kemp and NYCIFF participant Kick About. For full showreel go to...
  7. Jazzybeatz

    Compositions Getting Rejected

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