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  1. Visions Of Dystopia

    Film music composers

    Hi everyone, We are french music composers ready to collaborate with you on your projects. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question. To listen to our previous work:
  2. French composers looking for film projects

    French composers looking for film projects

  3. Samantha Foster

    Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Film Composer Looking for Projects

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer looking for new projects to score. I've scored an indie feature film, multiple short films, animated shorts, and lots of indie video games. I compose in many genres. For more info (demo reels, contact info, etc.), visit: www.samanthafoster.net If you're...
  4. Your Composer Blog Here!

    Your Composer Blog Here!

    Want to share your music with a wider audience? Create a Blog on Studentfilms.com for your work. Post updates on projects that you've worked on... showcase your music... So you want to have a personal blog on Studentfilms.com... how do you do that? Create a blog using the "Create Blog"...
  5. EastwardMusic

    Music for inspiration...please send suggestions.

    I am a composer at Eastward Music and I am starting a playlist of music that inspires our creativity and to also feature composers and music used in film / tv or games. you can subscribe here: https://open.spotify.com/user/eastwardmusic/playlist/6yU2PHjqFHaQIx1NBvNlAN feel free to make...
  6. Devine and Shew

    Composing/Production team looking for short films to score

    We are 2 veteran musicians/composers/Engineers who are starting a collaboration to score for all types of media (film, games, tv, etc..) and we just launched our new website at http://www.devineandshew.com and we are currently looking for short student films to score in order for us to flesh out...
  7. S

    New music library is seeking composers!

    We are a new ambitious project. We have our minds set on creating the biggest and the best royalty free music marketplace. We welcome music of all genres, but for the sake of quality we are very, very selective when it comes to accepting music for our library. The quality and musical ideas are...
  8. S

    If you are composer - you are welcome here! :-)

  9. Samantha Foster

    Composer Seeking Student Films

    I'm Sam Foster, a composer for media. I score films, animation, & video games. Would love to work on some more student projects! I score in many genres. For more info, visit my site at: www.samanthafoster.net/live If interested, contact me via email or on my site's online contact form. If...