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  1. Ninichi

    Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi & I'm a freelance music composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles and am currently available for commissions! I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile, so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working...
  2. Ninichi

    {Hello I'm Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire}

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi, a freelance composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles – (I’m told I’m incredibly versatile), so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working together! You can visit my website: ninichimusic.com...
  3. F

    Original High-Quality Music needed for your Project?

    Dear filmmakers, my name is Frederic Bernard. I'm a 28 years young, professional composer from Germany. I am generally open to any music style; ranging from solo piano, to chamber music, to massively full orchestral scores, or electronic music. I studied classical music at the University of...
  4. Jeffrey Wang

    Composer looking for projects (free music)

    Hello there! I'm looking for some film projects to write music for, I've graduated from University with a degree in music and wrote a lot of academic music during that time, but didn't really get much of a chance to write film music (they cut the film scoring module for some reason). I really...
  5. Samantha Foster

    Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I am Sam Foster, a freelance indie composer for film, games, and media. I'm currently looking for new projects! I've worked on numerous indie short films, an indie feature film, a documentary, animated shorts, and lots of student projects! If interested in custom music, contact me via email or...
  6. C

    Need a Composer?

    Hello, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here is my...
  7. R. Reads

    Multi-skilled Composer

    Greetings, I'm Rebecca Reads, musician/composer/voice-actress and am really excited to be here on Studentfilms.com. My creative skills include professional voice-over, music composing, or both. I'm usually available 18 hours a day and am happy to spend many hours brainstorming with you. Tell...
  8. Trym0119

    Giveaway soundtrack for film producers

    Hello! Let's do a give away song for amateur film producers! So if you know someone who is making any movie, i can offer to that song for free. Don't hesitate to share. Thanks!
  9. Brent Magstadt

    Composer / Sound Designer available....

    Hey everyone, thanks for being here, or... wherever it is you may be. ;-) Just posted this over on the Intro forums, thought I'd share it on over here amongst the more focused threads... My name is Brent Magstadt. I'm a composer working remotely from Hawaii, focusing mainly on Film/TV cues and...
  10. T

    Composer at major NYC studio looking to films to work on

    Hi everyone and thank you for welcoming me on to your forums. My name is Andrew Koss and I'm a composer, writer, producer, and owner of Terminus Recording Studios. We are a world class recording facility located in Times Square in the heart of NYC. Our facility is fully equipped for scoring...
  11. Keir McCormack

    Kong Music Composing

    Hello, I'm looking to work with a student filmmaker or short film director to score and compose music for your artistic project. Please check out my site www.KeirMcCormack.com I look forward to the opportunity to create music to fit your vision! Keir