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  1. MarkDFilms

    HAND CANONS - vfx short

    Hey guys! I've recently been trying to further develop my skills as a filmmaker while I've been home from school. This is the first of three videos I've been developing to practice super short form narrative storytelling, while still making a piece with some character arc. I also wanted to make...
  2. Kevin C.

    More - (The Hunter Pixilation Project) - 4 Minute Stop Motion Vid featuring 140 People

    Hey guys and gals, spent the past two months working on this as a graduation project for my school. This is essentially 1991 photos put together in Quicktime Pro at 8 fps of 136 of my peers and 4 of my teachers. to the tune of Cheers Elephant hot single - 'Leaves'. It's gotten note from...

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