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  1. REALity


  2. Missing - a7sii Short Horror Film (4k)

    Missing - a7sii Short Horror Film (4k)

  3. Andrew Payn

    All Hallows' Eve - Royalty Free Track

    Hello there! Quite a spooky royalty free track for Halloween, this is definitely worth a listen and perhaps a download for use in your short films/trailers/other filming projects ➤ Download: https://soundcloud.com/notetones/hall... ➤ For more music and cool stuff, visit our website...
  4. antony kai

    Burying the Past

  5. Tim Busbee

    "One Bad Trip" by Tim C. Busbee

    A short video I made for fun in the vein of surrealist/crime/mystery/B-movie/horror. Synopsis - A mentally ill schizophrenic man continues to lose his mind by taking large amounts of LSD and he eventually hallucinates and becomes paranoid that all of the people around him outside are slowly...