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  1. INK.


  2. D

    Music composers for Dark and Horror films

    We are a team of composers looking to have a start at the soundtrack area. In our bios there are complete albums with millions of views. Our style is always dark. Feel free to ask for any further info and links of our previous work. Willing to compose original music (from orchestral to 80's...
  3. MALUM


  4. D.Blood

    Indie Composer looking to score

    Hello! My name is Darryl Blood and I'm a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Los Angeles. I've been an indie singer-songwriter for the past 20 years, and have recently shifted towards scoring for film. My latest project was a feature length horror film called "The Campus" (Gas Money...
  5. nikolaantonucci

    Experimental composer who specializes in dark and edgy pieces for HIRE!

    Hi! My name is Niko and I focus on highly emotional, tense compositions. I mix classical orchestral sound with dark synths and creeping percussion. I always go for intensity so even with soft pieces, you get sense of radical involvement. I also produce cinematic industrial on the side. I am...
  6. Wills205

    Offering free music in for a free video. Dark brooding soundtrack piece.

    Hi I make music under the name of 'BLOCK'. I am from the UK. The general inspiration behind the music is film soundtracks, and usually quite dark sounding. I would be very much interested to in seeing to result of one of my tracks used in a film. If a student film maker is in need of some music...
  7. CharlieBradford

    Shun | Dark Atmospheric ShortFilm

    Hey, Charlie Here. My Short Film Shun. (Atmospheric / Distressing)
  8. C

    Short Violent Crime Comedy

    Hey guys! Just finished up a new film and wanted to hear some input from people other than my friends and family, as you know they are slightly biased. So here's the link! Tell me what you think!
  9. Noble Bard

    Follow me to where the light shines black...

    'Down the Rabbit Hole' is a short fantasy film portraying two sisters trapped in alternate worlds - one realm of normality and another where weird is the norm and nothing makes sense. It is a film that I would love to make, and a group of us at the University of Nottingham have been working hard...
  10. Mithrarque

    Mithrarque for your dark haunting cinematic/ambient/neo-classical piano pieces

    "Mithrarque is a solo artist/muscial project based in Paris, France, who feeds himself on his own demons and fears. Creating to express, not to impress, it often results as a dark haunting cinematic music, bluring the lines between electronic and neo-classical one. " If you are searching for a...
  11. Pavx45

    "For Lydia" A Seminarian and a Sociopath

    A student film I made for class. As a screenwriter, I had to learn somethings on the job, but it was fun and the story, while not super obvious, came through the way I wanted it. A Seminarian returns to his alma mater to visit an old friend, current college senior, Caleb, who has become...

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