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  1. nikolaantonucci

    Experimental composer who specializes in dark and edgy pieces for HIRE!

    Hi! My name is Niko and I focus on highly emotional, tense compositions. I mix classical orchestral sound with dark synths and creeping percussion. I always go for intensity so even with soft pieces, you get sense of radical involvement. I also produce cinematic industrial on the side. I am...


    Two boys discuss what they've done, and come to terms with a friendship that's spiraled out of control.
  3. Estranged


    “Estranged” focuses on the relationship between a loving father and a caring son - how the two have grown apart with age, despite being the closest people they have to each other. It explores the unspoken love between the two and the compromises they make for each other. Behind the scenes...
  4. Music tailored for you

    Music tailored for you

    Hello there talented folk! I run Artemus Studios - a home-based studio specialising in music production for film/animation/commercial. I cover a wide range of styles including, but not limited to classical, epic filmscore, jazz, rock, metal, and electronic. I have experience in writing to...
  5. Amanda De Lany

    Searching for Composer for Dramatic Short

    Hello all! I'm in need of a volunteer/unpaid composer (rate is negotiable). I’m currently in post-production of my thesis film titled Because I Love you and I’m in need of a composer. This short is a dramatic thriller with a current runtime of 12 minutes. It’s about a young woman’s journey to...
  6. DelucidusDeliritas

    KEEP YOUR COINS, I WANT CHANGE - first short film

    hey everyone! would you mind watching this short film: http://youtu.be/Lu2IsPTYrMs and telling me what you think? :) thank you :)