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  1. BlueCat Screenplay

    2020 BlueCat Screenplay Competition: CALL FOR ENTRIES

    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 22nd year, is open for submissions for its 2020 competition. BlueCat remains committed to the undiscovered writer and continues its tradition of providing written analysis on every script submitted. BlueCat accepts features, shorts, and pilots and...
  2. BlueCat Screenplay

    2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - Call for Entries

    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 21st year, is accepting submissions for its 2019 competition: http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/2019-call-for-entries/ Founded in 1998 by award-winning writer Gordy Hoffman, BlueCat has supported thousands of screenwriters through written analysis...
  3. alanpower

    Screenplays needed to be given away

    Hello everyone, I have posted on numerous sites before trying to give away short scripts of mine for free, money, I don't care. I just really want them made by anyone who wants to make a film and needs any type of screenplay. I was told plenty of times that my question of asking whether anyone...
  4. F

    FEST - Training Ground 2015

    FEST – Training Ground is the educational section of FEST New directors | New Films Festival in Espinho, Portugal, and it will occur parallel to the festival itself, between the 23rd and the 28th of June. FEST – Training Ground consists of a series of workshops and masterclasses presented by...
  5. Gregory Hines

    Writer. Director. Producer.

    Hey, I'm living in SoCal and currently in production of a sci-fi post apocalyptic short film. I am starting film school at the end of November (2014) and look forward to meeting and collaborating with many people from all walks of life. I will be filming my first feature next year and really...
  6. furiousracer313

    Short Film to Feature

    I have a few questions about an upcoming short film I am directing. 1. If adapted into a feature, will I be the director or will the studio assign one? 2. The story is mine, but I am not writing the screenplay for this short. Since the rights to this script belong to me and not the...

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