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  1. BlueCat Screenplay

    2020 BlueCat Screenplay Competition: CALL FOR ENTRIES

    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 22nd year, is open for submissions for its 2020 competition. BlueCat remains committed to the undiscovered writer and continues its tradition of providing written analysis on every script submitted. BlueCat accepts features, shorts, and pilots and...
  2. BlueCat Screenplay

    2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - Call for Entries

    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 21st year, is accepting submissions for its 2019 competition: http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/2019-call-for-entries/ Founded in 1998 by award-winning writer Gordy Hoffman, BlueCat has supported thousands of screenwriters through written analysis...
  3. F

    Former producer working developing a video app

    Hey guys! I'm a former producer turned techie (San Francisco). My team is developing an app that aims to break the barriers to social video and empower anybody to create and share more video content. We're looking for individuals to discuss the app with and get feedback on our features/creative...
  4. A

    Hello From India!

    Hey guys, I'm Adil from New Delhi, India, 18 year old. I love everything about film making. I found my voice, eyes, ears, entire self through it. I shoot, direct, write, act, edit, everything. My films are about my culture, not directly, but subtly - through mannerisms, beliefs and reactions...
  5. Jess

    First short (very) film - French New Wave style... feedback please?

    Studying French New Wave in class inspired my friends and I to make our own 5 minute short in a French New Wave style, I would love some feedback in possible!
  6. T

    Please watch my film tell me what you think.

    i'm 17 it's my second attempt at a short please be honest and advice or criticism you have would be great, have to watch on a computer thanks tom
  7. Wale


    Hi, I am Wale and I am undergraduate Media Production. I’m working on a module based on future media for Uni. The module requires me to come up with my innovation. My Idea is a film magazine exclusively made for tablet devices such as an iPad and notepads. The magazine will be aimed at media...

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