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  1. Edinburgh Short Film Festival:Shorts News

    If You’re Seeking an S & M Dungeon for an anti-Shades of Grey film, speak to Morgane Sarah Becerril!

    Morgane Sarah Becerril directed ‘The Session’, An edgy, romantic-comedy set in a New York S & M dungeon, and tracing the developing relationship between Daphne, a newbie dominatrix and her client. The film screened at the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival and also won 1st prize at the 2016...
  2. Paul Bruce

    2016 Summer Funding Sources for Short Film-makers

    Films will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through time of no films – but on the other hand.. SHORT FILM FUNDING 2016
  3. L

    looking for cooporation with film directing students

    hello my name is Lital, i am a composer, singer song writter and a drummer from Israel. i am looking to create some cooporation with film directing and film producting students from all over the world. i want to make my songs as soundtracks to your movies:) i am posting here 2 of my songs that...