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  1. H

    seeking a short film or anime to compose, will do for 'free'

    Hi, my name is Howard.. I'm a producer, looking for a client to collaborate with on a project for my course(student) either post production or along with the production phase. I am looking for a role in a film project that requires the input of either one of the following roles: audio engineer...
  2. OscarLundberg

    Film Composer Looking for Work [Unpaid]

    Hello! I'm Oscar Christoffer Lundberg, I'm a Swedish composer student. I've been composing music for about 8-9 years, and have studied and/or worked with music regularly for 14 years. Have mostly been scoring video games, video game cinematics and live performed musicals but I have experience in...
  3. Petter Strom

    Music For Your Project Available

    Need quality music for your next project. I have new music and good prices available at my new profile at AudioJungle - Royalty Free!!! Just follow the link below and listen to some tunes. http://audiojungle.net/user/DJPeterP/portfolio?WT.ac=portfolio_item&WT.z_author=DJPeterP
  4. S.A.W

    I'll make music for your film?

    Hello, My name is Simone and I am 22 years old and eager to practise making music for films. Preferably short one's. Until now I've mostly been writing and performing regular "songs" but now I want to make music for something & someone else and help in the process of telling a story. Here's a...

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