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free music

  1. P

    Composer looking for work! Low cost or free :)

    I'm a young composer currently studying film music at college. I would like to build up my portfolio so I am willing to produce music at a low cost or for free at the moment! Some of my work is up on my Instagram page '@pip_heywood_music' and also on soundcloud 'Pip Heywood' . Please check it...
  2. Daniel Mauck

    Get your own composer, free!

    I’m looking to build up my demo reel, and will gladly work on shorts for free. You can check out my music and contact me at www.danielmauck.com. I can write songs for musicals, too.
  3. Jordan Winslow

    Professional Electronic Music Producer (14+ Years Experience) Working for FREE on Interesting Films

    You read that correctly. For a limited time, I am producing custom soundtracks for FREE for (inspired) Filmmakers and Game Developers. Click the link for more details. https://jordanwinslow.me/free-music-soundtrack-for-film-video-game/
  4. Jordan Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercially Usable Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

    So you’re a filmmaker entering post-production on your film, a game developer working on music and audio triggers or perhaps a YouTuber wanting to enhance your videos. You need SFX and a music soundtrack but you might not have the budget to hire a professional composer or audio engineer. The...
  5. Mimi_c

    Im composing soundtracks for free :)

    Im a film scoring major seeking for people in need of a soundtrack or any kind of music matching visuals to complete my portfolio for entering a masters programme. I will compose, produce and mix the music for free, following the guidelines of the director. (It doesnt really matter what kind of...
  6. Would love to be in Indie Film - Introduction - Tracks

    Would love to be in Indie Film - Introduction - Tracks

    Hi there, I am a new Berklee grad and am looking for opportunities with film students. I would love to have have some tracks used in indie films and could actively promote as well. I have some tracks (that are not already in use) on my Soundcloud and would love if you could have a listen and see...
  7. Yuri-F

    Music for trailers, short films, games and media... for free.

    If you are looking for a composer I'm willing to help. I'm into different genres as epic, drama, mystery, horror and so forth. Since I haven't had much experience I can't promise anything, but I will try my best. Check my channel to know more about my works...
  8. Pietro Girardi

    Guess what? Another composer!

    Hi everybody, my name is Pietro Girardi, I live in Venice (Italy) and I'll be making the soundtrack for your next short movie. For free. I can produce different styles of music with a strong melodic watermark and a unique style that blends top-notch sampling, piano (been a jazz pianist for 20+...
  9. Alessandro Saini

    Experienced Film Composer Offering FREE Services to all StudentFilms.com members

    I am an experienced film composer with credits on one documentary, 14 shorts and a bunch of music licensing including music for regional television in the United States on NBC and other networks. I have composed for some of the top music production libraries such as Scorekeepers Music and...
  10. C

    Need a composer ?

    Hello there, I was studying film scoring at UCLA extension, and just graduated. Before starting film scoring certificate, my major was classical piano performance. Thanks to this musical background, I have many advantages about piano pieces, especially semi-classical and orchestral works. Here...
  11. Eric Matyas

    All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use

    Hi everyone, I've decided to make all of the music on my site free for commercial use as well as noncommercial. Just please credit me properly as detailed on my homepage. If you decide to use one or more of my pieces, a donation would be greatly appreciated...any amount you can swing would be...
  12. Klingsor

    Individual music for the films (free)

    Hi there, my name is Dustin and I am from a small town next to Cologne, Germany. I started venturing into the world of music as late as the age of eleven when I got my first piano lessons. Right from the start I wanted to play some stuff from my favourite movies and after a while a tried to...
  13. Sergey

    Some free music

    Hey guys! I have some free music for you. You can use those music for personal and commercial purposes or youtube videos. It would be great to see some replies or maybe requests, about what kind of music do you seek. Click here to listen and download
  14. CJ Prough


    Short and Sweet: I can write music for your film or movie and I am willing to do it for free. I am a skilled composer/musician trying to break into film. For this to happen I will have to build a portfolio. That's where you come in. Short film, student projects, anything that requires a...
  15. Aturax

    Composer offering free music (Creative Commons)

    Hi all, I've registered on this site with the intention of helping my music reach a wider audience, whether that be through film, games, etc... Take a listen to some of my music, all I ask is that you credit me where credit is due :) More of my latest compositions can be found here. If...