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  1. ROOMS


    Bound by blood, dark as night. A choice you'll make, to save a life. One to free, one to raze, bound by blood, to your grave.
  2. Wale


    Hi, I am Wale and I am undergraduate Media Production. I’m working on a module based on future media for Uni. The module requires me to come up with my innovation. My Idea is a film magazine exclusively made for tablet devices such as an iPad and notepads. The magazine will be aimed at media...
  3. M

    SIEMENS: URBAN IDEAS video contest | Zooppa

    With half of humanity living in cities, urban life is becoming more and more challenging. Luckily, exceptional minds around the world are already coming up with inventions that can help us lead a sustainable life in urban jungles. Help Siemens find these inventions and create a human story about...