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  1. 1886

    Film Location Avail-- NY State 1886 Huge Victorian House on 5 Acres

    Hello! I work in film in Los Angeles, and just bought a property near Buffalo in NY state. Huge main house built in 1886, 8 bedrooms with 9 fireplaces on 3 finished levels. Original wood paneling and stained glass windows on 5 acres of lawns & woods, also includes a smaller 1860s cottage...
  2. daclubkid

    Student Film looking for locations in Los Angeles/North Hollywood

    Hello Everyone, I'll be shooting a student short film on April 2nd and I am looking for an office or warehouse location in or around North Hollywood / San Fernando valley / Burbank / Los Angeles area, ETC... Because it is a student film our budget is limited to 100 dollars for the location...
  3. G

    FILM LOCATION! Old Victorian House in Angelino Heights leafy area!

    Hello to all filmmakers/photographers/producers! We are opening some parts of our house for your next film, photo shoot... you name it! The house would be ideal for a creepy old vintage film look but with the right Art director you can turn it around the way you want it. The house is kind of...
  4. B

    Location Search for a student film‏‏‏

    I am currently producing my graduation film for Kingston University (London), which is set in a retirement home. I've approached several retirement homes but, understandably, they are reluctant to allow filming on their premises. Now I am looking for fairly homey bedroom and lounge locations...
  5. A

    Looking for a room for filming Jan 17th, NYC.

    Hi guys, It's Anastasia. I'm a NYFA student. I'm looking for an room in an apartment / house...or a living room with a couch in Manhattan / Queens / Brooklyn for my shoot on Friday Jan 17th. There will be 8 - 9 people gonna turn up for the shoot, with min equipment. The shoot itself will...
  6. N

    London Film location help!!

    Hi I'm shooting a short film in London. I need a room/space like the one below : I've come across a church in Mill Hill which might work (their chapel room). But I'm just posting to see if anyone can help with finding a space similar to that picture which would be free to use or at least...
  7. S

    Want free help with film scouting?

    ScoutMy is offering free help with film scouting for low or zero budget productions. All we ask in return is credit as a locations manager! Submit your project: locations@scoutmy.com
  8. A

    Location Help

    Hey guys, Sorry to bother. I'm shooting a film very soon and my location dramatically fell through (twice). Here is what we're generally looking for: “Spacious home therapist office with couch, recliner or sofa chair. FYI: Cast of 2, crew of 8. Shooting dates Saturday and Sunday May 11 and...

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