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    Location, location, location....

    Remember Roberto Rodriguez "Mariachi" or the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"??? If you need isolated roadside motels, boarder town settings, in the Mexico/USA southwest region or old west locations??? Let me know. I can help. Tony Portilla 830 488 3179
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    London Film location help!!

    Hi I'm shooting a short film in London. I need a room/space like the one below : I've come across a church in Mill Hill which might work (their chapel room). But I'm just posting to see if anyone can help with finding a space similar to that picture which would be free to use or at least...
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    Want free help with film scouting?

    ScoutMy is offering free help with film scouting for low or zero budget productions. All we ask in return is credit as a locations manager! Submit your project: locations@scoutmy.com

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