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  1. Devine and Shew

    Composing/Production team looking for short films to score

    We are 2 veteran musicians/composers/Engineers who are starting a collaboration to score for all types of media (film, games, tv, etc..) and we just launched our new website at http://www.devineandshew.com and we are currently looking for short student films to score in order for us to flesh out...
  2. Marc v/d Meulen

    Need Music For Your Film?

    Hi There, My name is Marc v/d Meulen. I am a dutch music composer looking for projects to score. My music can be found at my website: http://marcvdmeulen.bugs3.com/ Contact details are also on my website, Hope to hear from you!
  3. Nikos Togaridis

    composer is looking for job

    Hello my name is Nikos,i am a sound engineer/composer looking for any projects.You can check out some of my music here: Nikos Togaridis I will give away the music (any of the 3 tracks) for free if i like the film.For new projects there will be a fee (we can talk about it depending your budget...
  4. ALim - Amanda

    New composer looking to compose short films

    Hi, I know I don't have any experience or much training in music but I'd like to try my hands at scoring short films and networking with these directors to possibly hone my skills as a composer. Here are some of the stuff I have done...

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