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  1. [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Free [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Hi, The name is 'Big Impact Sound' and I'm an experienced composer looking for new and interesting projects! For more information about bespoke music (= custom made music), hundreds of ready to use compositions and much more, please go to: https://www.bigimpactsound.com/ Contact me now to...
  2. Igor Molka

    Composer looking for new projects

    Good afternoon to all the directors! My name is Igor, I'm a composer from Moscow. I'm looking for interesting projects for which I will write music with pleasure. Here are some examples of my music. Money for me is not as important as really interesting projects that will be close to me...
  3. J

    Passionate and Dedicated Composer Looking For Student Projects

    I am a professional composer looking for student projects to bolster my portfolio. To any students looking for a composer to score their film, please contact me via email: jordanjessep@live.com . I will reply promptly, and we can discuss what music you want in your film. I'm not necessarily...
  4. NickMix

    Music site for very low budget, still possible to get customized

    Hello there! Just wanted to inform about the site http://www.thefilmscorestore.com/ It's a site where it's possible to find music for film projects, even if the budget is very low. There are even a few tracks for free download. You can also order customized music. The idea is to try to meet the...
  5. E

    Looking to License Royalty Free Music? 909 Music Has You Covered for All Your Film/TV Needs

    Need quality music for your film or TV production? 909 Music Has you covered with a massive royalty free music library consisting of high quality music. 909 Music is both a music production company and an online music library dedicated to licensing, producing and providing modern day...

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