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  1. David Simkins

    The Cue Tube Scoring Competition 2020

    Hi All! I recently entered this film scoring competition and I was wondering if anyone else on this forum did or had come across the site? The Cue Tube is a brand-new platform and it's only just getting started, but the ultimate aim is to allow composers to showcase their portfolios and give...
  2. A

    Hello From My Dream Internship!

    Yo so I just got an internship at Stage 32, and I think a lot of you guys can benefit from it. The site has almost 400,000 users and people post about jobs, talk about camera techniques and most importantly network! I feel like a huge part of this industry is about networking so check it out if...
  3. artsnfilm.com

    Social network site for art and film students join for free

    All film students should join http://artsnfilm.com for free! If you love the creative arts this website is for you! For those that are majoring in arts, film, game design and production.And if you are a stylist you will be able to connect with make up artist, models, and beauticians.
  4. Big Bear Film Fest

    Volunteer for the Big Bear Lake Film Festival

    Join the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival in celebrating its 14th year! Volunteers are needed from September 19th-22nd across all departments. Now accepting applications for both full-time & part-time volunteers! The film festival annually brings an exciting slate of Independent Films...

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