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  1. Friend Requests Be Like

    Friend Requests Be Like

    For more videos and films check us out at youtube.com/renandraj
  2. Straight Outta Comm School

    Straight Outta Comm School

    Written & Directed by: Nina Guzman Assistant Writer: Sarah Smithy Editor: Nina Guzman Performers: Nina Guzman Sarah Smithy Natasha Mraz Adam Brown Tom Heiner Hannah Byron
  3. H

    Western Parody Short Film Promo!

    Hey guys! Feel free to check out our first short film promo, created by students from the University of New Mexico. This film is entitled High Noon Mirage, and will be premiering in early December! Check out the promo below!
  4. B

    A short in the spirit of Weird Al's classic film, UHF!

  5. Will the LegenDAIRY

    Mortal Fighters Xtreme!!

    A short parody of old school fighting games.
  6. Hadslo

    The Door Jostler - A Very Loose Parody of A Clockwork Orange

    The Door Jostler is a loosely based parody of A Clockwork Orange, and if you want to assign a genre, good luck. I've just been calling it a reflection of my warped sense of humor, and a comedy/drama/satire thing. The Door Jostler is my homage to Stanley Kubrick, my favorite director, and A...

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