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post production

  1. Aidan Collett

    Visual Effects Artist Needed!

    Hello! My name is Aidan Collett and I am the founder of Tumdetme Productions. We are currently in pre-production for our latest film "Batman: Spawn of Darkness" and in planning for this project, I thought it wise to get a good team together so that everything can run smoothly. Being a Batman...
  2. T

    Sound Designer/Mixers wants to offer quality & creative services

    Hi guys We are a team of field recordist engineers,sound designer and mixers based in Paris in the studio "Creative Sound" (http://creative-sound.fr/en/) We have already work on many feature film/animation, and many type of short film and series in all format: stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos...
  3. Daniel Berk

    Is your film in Post Production?

    If you answered yes, then chances are you will want a unique and original score for your film. With over 70+ credits, I can help take your film to the next level. If you are looking to work with a highly dedicated, affordable and experienced composer then please visit www.danielberk.com
  4. L

    Changing Bitrate using MPEg Streamclip help

    I am trying to convert a video so that its bitrate would be at least 50 mb/s. Someone from this forum suggested me to use MPEG Streamclip, but it would not convert to anything higher than 384 kb/s. Could you tell me how to get a much higher bitrate, please?
  5. A

    Offering my Audio Post Production services for free

    Recently i have finished University where i studied audio and music production. I am a certified 201 Pro Tools operator with previous experience in Audio Post however now i am looking to build a portfolio to help me obtain my dream of becoming and audio post sound designer/foley artist. Just...
  6. Ruan Lotter

    Mocha Pro: Tattoo Removal Tutorial

    It’s really quite easy to remove markers or tattoos from skin. Have a look at my latest tutorial where I explain how to do this. Thanks for watching! Ruan TunnelvizionTV
  7. R

    Hi Guys

    Myself and three fellow audio students are looking to collaborate with budding film producers/directors on a short film/animation project. We would like to record, edit and design sound for the production (5-10 mins or so). There will be a crew of 3 people, consisting of Boom operators and...
  8. M

    Collaboration - audio post-production

    Hi, i'm a student of sound engineering. This year i'm gonna have my diploma exam. My task is to make audio post-production of short film or an animation (about 5-15 minutes long). And that's why I'm searching for people who would like to cooperate with me. I have to add that's no-profit offer. I...
  9. C

    Seeking Sound Engineer/Designer

    Naicoman Productions is looking for someone to do the sound post production for an 85 minute gangster thriller due for Singapore theatrical release. The film was shot on RED Camera and edited in FCP. We are a Singapore production company but currently based out of New York City. If interested...
  10. pearsonpost

    Short Documentary Films

    Would love some feedback on a few documentary/character profile films i've edited recently! http://www.pearsonpost.com/?portfolio=factory-films-leon (Classically trained pianist with a unique style) http://www.pearsonpost.com/?portfolio=factory-films-you-are-here (Artist from Williamsburg)...

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