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  1. Ruan Lotter

    Want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro 2017

    Want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro 2017? This 14 part video series will teach you all the basics in only 1 hour using the latest version of Premiere Pro CC 2017! Contents: 01: The User Interface 02: How To Import Assets Into Premiere Pro 03: Creating Your First Sequence 04...
  2. Ruan Lotter

    Use Instagram Filters In Premiere Pro

    Don’t want to spend lots of time grading your videos? Slap on some Instagram goodness!
  3. N

    World Premiere of 2015 72 Hour Shootout Top Ten Short Films

    Hello, The 72 Hour Shootout is a worldwide competition in which filmmaking teams have 72 hours (3 days) to write, shoot, edit, and produce a short film based on a given theme. We aim to promote ethnic and gender diversity in film with a focus on Asians and Asian Americans. The focus this year...
  4. A

    Shifting exposure

    Hi So this is my first post here, and I'm unsure how appropriate of a forum this is to be asking this, but here goes. So I'm working on my first feature film. I shot the entire footage on a Canon Vixia HF G10, which is pretty sweet in low light situations, until it starts to shift exposure...
  5. Marco Luca

    his Is Vanity - A shocking and touching award winning film - now available online

    Magnolia Film Festival in the US, and the Audience Award at the Bermuda International Film Festival. It has also been selected at 6 international film festivals. Beginning with a shock, This is Vanity rewinds, taking us through a postmortem of a mother’s exasperation with the ineffectual local...