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screenwriting competition

  1. shorescripts

    Our 2020 FEATURE & TV PILOT Contest Is Now Open!

    FEATURE CONTEST - In addition to, awarding $10,000 to our Grand Prize Winner, we will now be awarding $1000 to each of our 7 Genre Prize Winners. https://www.shorescripts.com/feature/ TV PILOT CONTEST - We will be awarding a Grand Prize of $5,000 to each of our 1 Hour and ½ Hour TV Pilot...
  2. shorescripts

    2019 Feature & TV-Pilot Semi-Finalists Announced.

    We are delighted to announce this year's Feature & TV-Pilot Semi-Finalists! VIEW the complete list here: https://www.shorescripts.com/2019-screenplay-contest-results/ Our Semi-Finalists represent the top 3% of scripts submitted this year. Congratulations to those who made it through and a huge...
  3. BlueCat Screenplay

    2020 BlueCat Screenplay Competition: CALL FOR ENTRIES

    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 22nd year, is open for submissions for its 2020 competition. BlueCat remains committed to the undiscovered writer and continues its tradition of providing written analysis on every script submitted. BlueCat accepts features, shorts, and pilots and...
  4. KatyCole

    Call for entries: Film Daily - Screenwriting Competition

    Hey guys – it’s great to meet y'all. I just wanted to let you know about a screenwriting prize we have over at Film Daily. If you don’t know us already, we're your #1 resource for film news, views, and reviews. Our screenwriting prize is awarded for comedy, horror, sci-fi, and drama scripts...
  5. Paul Bruce

    Edinburgh Shorts Script Pitch Competition Now Open!

    SCRIPT PITCH CHALLENGE FOR YOUNG, SCOTTISH-BASED SCREENWRITERS We’re delighted to announce a new competition we’re holding aimed at young, Scottish-based screenwriters which we’re hoping will give our young, talented film creatives a leg up into the industry! We’re working with the Matthew...
  6. shorescripts

    2016 Shore Scripts Competitions & Short Film Fund

    Call for submissions for the 2016 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competitions. Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition was set up to help emerging writers from around the world break into the industry. We have Oscar winning judges and over 70 production companies and agents on-board to read the...
  7. BlueCat Screenplay

    Calling All Screenwriters! 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries

    We are pleased to announce the start of our 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition! 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES Since 1998, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has provided a community for the unknown screenwriter to develop their work, giving undiscovered talent a path to...
  8. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts Screenwriting Contest 2014 - Jeremy Irons Judging

    Hi, I wanted to post to let you know about 2014's Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition. We are open for submissions on 1ST MARCH. Shore Scripts has grown from year to year. We have over 100 Production Companies onboard to read this years top scripts. As well as that we have 21 Oscar & BAFTA...