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  1. shorescripts

    FREE to DOWNLOAD TV Bibles & Genre Movie Scripts!

    One way to become a truly great writer is to learn from the masters. To help with this, we have complied a collection of successful screenplays for you to reference, spanning many of the film “pillar genres”, ranging from classics like The Big Sleep to modern blockbusters like Armageddon...
  2. Finished Script...AGAIN!

    Finished Script...AGAIN!

    Hello all, I promise to keep this short, sweet and to the point. A while back I had to get a brand new laptop. So after much debate, I bought a new MacBook Pro and after about a week my hard drive from the old MBP was moved to the newest one. Fast forward about three weeks, I noticed that a...
  3. shorescripts

    Our 2018 Screenwriting Contests are Open!

    Over $35K in Cash & Prizes, including meetings with managers & agents. Feature, TV-Pilot, and Short Screenplay Categories + discount bundles on combined entries to our Short Film Fund and Coverage Reports. http://www.shorescripts.com We have helped 40+ writers gain representation, option, sell...
  4. NYTVF

    The 14th Annual New York Television Festival moving to July 2018 - Dates and Deadlines Announced

    Want to get your work in front of industry decision-makers? Don’t wait -- submit today! In 2018, NYTVF is accepting submissions for the Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) and NYTVF Scripts. Looking to submit your produced TV pilot? Submit to the Independent Pilot Competition, the NYTVF’s...
  5. shorescripts

    Shore Scripts Announce 2016 Quarter Finalists

    We are extremely proud to announce 2016’s Quarter-Finalists. This year has seen the highest number of submissions since we started Shore Scripts back in 2012. The list of quarter finalists represents the top 6% of submissions this year. They join a roster of talented writers who have had their...
  6. shorescripts

    Student Screenwriters - Scripts Wanted!

    Lack of direction after your course has ended? Don’t know what’s next for your final project? Your feature or short screenplays could be the next winners of the Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition! Last chance to enter. Late Deadline ends 31st August! Check www.shorescripts.com for...
  7. A

    Award winning screenwriter has a number of short scripts available

    I've a number of shorts available for production - see full details at www.anthonycawood.co.uk/screenplays Highlights Through Glass Darkly (Dark Comedy, 10 mins) Gary would love a new Google Glass but his Romany wife would rather have a sofa. Love Locked (Dark thriller, 10 mins) Susie...
  8. Mike Vannelli

    Looking For Short Film Script to Produce

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to produce a short film. If you have a script for a short film that is under 15 minutes and are interested in having it produced, feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  9. A

    A number of short scripts now available...

    I have a number of short Screenplays available, if you'd like to see any just reply here or email me at tcawood@lineone.net Above the Fog OPTIONED 12 Days in the Life of Rex A boy takes his first shaky steps on the road to becoming a serial killer. Dark drama/horror/comedy, approx. 15 minutes...
  10. D

    Short Film Scripts Available

    I am a writer and script editor. I have one film completed and one in post production (verify at IMDB). I currently have a third in preproduction that I co-wrote not yet posted on IMDB. I have two short film scripts available now (suspense; comedy) available for purchase that is under 20 pages...