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short film production

  1. lisamay

    Renting Vs. Buying Film Production Equipment?

    Greetings! Though the risk of coronavirus is still everywhere but things are getting normal, and we are again starting our projects. Yes, we are working on 2-3 short films projects, and unluckily, we were not able to pay the rent of production equipment; that's why we gave them back to the...
  2. Edinburgh Short Film Festival:Shorts News

    Vito Milazzo & Lindsay Monroe Talk Film Production & ‘Writer’s Block’ with the Edinburgh Short Film Festival

    Pete Carson of the ESFF interviews Vito Milazzo, director of Writer’s Block and producer, Lindsay Monroe – Writer’s Block is a deliciously dark, black comedy that follows a writer struggling with his creativity and with his relationships. Filmed and edited by Nadia Dermatopoulou. ESFF...