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  1. R

    Feedback for Concept idea:)

    Hey! I am currently studying in my final year of college before going to university and I plan on creating a short film based around 'Isolation'. The idea is to show how isolation can affect a person mentally & physically (or just one) and with this I hope to show how other people notice the...
  2. shorescripts

    Short Film Fund | 2021 Spring Season

    DISCOVERING THE BEST NEW SCREENWRITING TALENT FROM AROUND THE WORLD. The Shore Scripts Short Film Fund offers you an opportunity to have your short film script financed and produced. The 2021 Spring Season of our Short Film Fund opens JANUARY 15 and will award production financing for two...
  3. N

    Hero heroine pellichupulu short film

    New short film link Like share and subscribe to our channel
  4. The Experience of the Old

    The Experience of the Old

  5. The Close Distance of Clarity

    The Close Distance of Clarity

    A young woman receives a gift from her oblivious mother. Following her refusal of the gift, she is forced to face the consequences of not acknowledging her past distant emotions.
  6. Dear Radhika

    Dear Radhika

    Sravan is excited to meet his first and true love on valentine's day after a long gap. Find out who it is!
  7. Francis Serra

    Like A Chimney

  8. The Screen

    The Screen

  9. ajaicombelic

    Whisical musician seeking shorts to score

    Hi, I'm a young composer interested in working with filmmakers to collaborate on quality projects. I'm easy going and a hard worker. My compositions focus on texture, mood, and change. I have samples of my work up on my website ajaicombelic.com. Best, Ajai
  10. S

    Feedback required: dedicated video platform to watch and share your shortfilms

    hi dude, One of my friend building dedicated video platform to watch and share your shortfilms. It will help you to get more views to your short films and it provides incredible shortfilm rating. This rating and feedback will help you to get idea an where you are good and where we need to...
  11. intervideo

    Gewinner Intervideo-Nachwuchspreis 2014 jetzt online

    Die Intervideo Filmproduktion (www.intervideo-filmproduktion) hat im September 2014 zum dritten Mal den Intervideo-Nachwuchspreis an in- und ausländische Filmregisseure vergeben. Unter dem Wettbewerbs-Motto „Morgen sehen wir weiter – Veränderungen“ hat sich der Nachwuchs in seinen Filmen...
  12. A

    Win 1000€ in a shortfilm contest!

    One author can send maximal of 2 movies. Maximal lenght: 20min Deadline: 8. october Send your movie(s) with registration form to osalen@studentdays.ee If you want to participate, please contact me apahker@gmail.com and I will send you the registration form. Facebook event...
  13. aidanriceproductions

    Domestic Violence Short Film 'Thirty Three'

    My first short film, surrounding the issue of domestic violence.

    Website for posting Shortfilms

    www.Shortfilm.asia helps to quickly post Shortfilms.. You can post HD videos of size upto 50GB Regards Shortfilm.asia Team

    www.Shortfilm.asia (For Creative Minds)

    www.shortfilm.asia for all creative minds of Shortfilms/movies
  16. colfilmfest

    FREE to enter 60hr Film Challenge

    Can you write, shoot and edit a film in just 60 hours? The challenge is FREE for anyone to enter and takes place from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th October 2014. http://60hrfilmchallenge.com/ We’re delighted to announce that feature film production company Corona Pictures (The Liability, Truth...
  17. TechSoup Gobal

    Create Digital Stories that Stand Out - Storymakers 2014

    There's a new storytelling campaign - Storymakers 2014 - from TechSoup that launches August 26, 2014. Submit your social good story to TechSoup Storymakers during the month of September for a chance to win up to $13,000 in prizes, have your video showcased across the TechSoup Global network...
  18. S

    DayZ: The Movie (Un-Official)

    Hey Guys, Recently Me And Some Friends Made A DayZ Live Action Movie, This Took About 3 Weeks To Shoot And Edit. So I Would Really Appreciate It If You Could Check It Out, And Leave Some Constructive Criticism If Necessary! DayZ: The Movie- https://www.youtube....tion_3284349535 Thanks...
  19. D

    Time Of Dying - Vampire Short Film Trilogy

    Hey everyone! I'm Daniel and I'm a 16-year old boy from Antwerp, Belgium. I made a shortfilm last year called Time Of Dying and I made a sequence to it and it has been out a few weeks. I'd really appreciate your feedback! I have trailers and promos and other stuff on my channel to, everything...
  20. M

    Till Death

    Hi! My name is Martijn and I'm a film student from Belgium. As graduation project I made this short film. I'm very curious about your responses.