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sound editor

  1. Dave Williams

    Sound Designer / Re-mixer looking to collaborate

    Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a pro sound engineer, have been working in music for 10 years and looking to collaborate on some short films. I've toured the world with music playing in 32 countries and venues like Madison Square Garden and Dolby Theatre. I'm Australian and live in Philadelphia...
  2. JacobCook

    Howdy! Sound Designer/Sound Editor here

    Hey folks! I am a freelance sound editor/sound designer getting ready to wrap up my final year of schooling. Any other sound designers lurking on this forum? I am looking for a single short project to work on that I can use as a sound editorial/mixing case study for my senior project. If you...
  3. R

    Hi Guys

    Myself and three fellow audio students are looking to collaborate with budding film producers/directors on a short film/animation project. We would like to record, edit and design sound for the production (5-10 mins or so). There will be a crew of 3 people, consisting of Boom operators and...
  4. Q

    Sound Designer seeking experience

    I'm currently halfway through a degree in Sound Engineering and am looking for any short film projects requiring sound editing / design / composition. I am happy to work for no charge as I am looking to build a portfolio. Feel free to contact me with any ideas / offers

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