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sound engineer and sound designer

  1. Rolf Martens

    Sound Engineer looking to collaborate

    Hello everyone, I'm a sound engineer with over 10 years experience in post production. I work for a recording studio in London and I'm looking for projects. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need sound editing/design and mixing fro your project. My aim is to expand my work portfolio...
  2. V


    Hello, new group for film composers, feel free to join if you would like to actually practice/learn scoring music to picture with weekly film scoring assignments. This is the perfect place for Film Makers to collaborate with Film Composers on their upcoming projects...
  3. H

    seeking a short film or anime to compose, will do for 'free'

    Hi, my name is Howard.. I'm a producer, looking for a client to collaborate with on a project for my course(student) either post production or along with the production phase. I am looking for a role in a film project that requires the input of either one of the following roles: audio engineer...
  4. Q

    Free Sound Design, Foley, ADR

    I'm a Sound Engineering Student in my final year looking to build a portfolio of sound design projects. I'm willing to work for free on the right project/s , so contact me if you have anything you may need sound design for, specifically short films, cartoons and advertisements... I have...
  5. F

    Sound Person Needed for 20-day non-union Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film shoot in LA late July

    Skilled and experienced sound recording professional needed for feature film during 20-day non-union Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film shoot in LA starting late July Compensation is $90/day. Suitable candidates should have their own sound gear and mixer. Reply with resume and link to demo...
  6. Rik Sa

    Original Music, Orchestral Scoring and/ or Sequencing, Sound Design , Mixing

    Experienced Composer /Orchestrator, Sound Engineer /Sound Designer looking for projects. Demo/Contact

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