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soundtrack composer

  1. lexiiarena

    Singer-Songwriter Available!

    Hey everyone! I'm offering songwriting/composing services for any type of filmmakers/film companies :) This is my music service website: https://alexar3na.wixsite.com/swriter And I am also partnering up with my music producer friend online as we create more soundtrack based music here...
  2. [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Free [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Hi, The name is 'Big Impact Sound' and I'm an experienced composer looking for new and interesting projects! For more information about bespoke music (= custom made music), hundreds of ready to use compositions and much more, please go to: https://www.bigimpactsound.com/ Contact me now to...
  3. Ninichi

    Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi & I'm a freelance music composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles and am currently available for commissions! I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile, so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working...
  4. Ninichi

    {Hello I'm Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire}

    Hello everyone! I’m Ninichi, a freelance composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles – (I’m told I’m incredibly versatile), so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working together! You can visit my website: ninichimusic.com...
  5. nikolaantonucci

    Composer specializing in dark, creepy scores available for hire

    Hi guys! My name is Niko and I'm looking for a new interesting project to work on. I score anywhere from industrial techno to ambient piano pieces but I mostly specialize in dark, high intensity scores. I am willing to work for credits if no budget. You can check me out on...
  6. S

    COMPOSER NEEDED - 3 Minute Soundtrack for a Stop Motion Animation

    Hello, I am a final year animation student in the UK. I am making a 3 minute stop motion animation called Ape Escape about the friendship between a young circus escapee orangutan called Ami and an old female marine conservationist named Marina who lives in the middle of the ocean. I will be...
  7. Trym0119

    Giveaway soundtrack for film producers

    Hello! Let's do a give away song for amateur film producers! So if you know someone who is making any movie, i can offer to that song for free. Don't hesitate to share. Thanks!
  8. Sean O'Hanlon

    Versatile composer available for student films

    Hey, I am a composer looking to create music for students films. I am currently building my portfolio and looking to work with like minded creative people and create a film score that's right for the project. I have experience as a performer and composer in many different musical styles, so I...
  9. DSyk.Music

    DSyk.Music - Custom music that adds emotion and increases your project's value

    My name is Daniel Sykora, and through DSyk.Music I’ve scored a number of projects, some of which include short films and a feature film. I’ve taken client projects, and elevated them with the emotion that my custom, high-quality music provides. My job as a composer is to provide both emotion and...
  10. Rectobiasi

    Raouf Rectobiasi

    Hello everyone ! My name is Abderraouf Djeffel, i'm a music composer working mainly in Trailers and Soundtracks by the pseudo of Raouf Rectobiasi. Here is my facebook page to hear and see my Movies and TV placements so far : https://www.facebook.com/Rectobiasi?ref=bookmarks My SoundCloud link...
  11. MatthewVanDriel

    Matthew Van Driel - Composer / Orchestrator / Arranger / Conductor

    Hello! My name is Matthew Van Driel, from Canada. I have scored numerous films and other media in the past, as well as composed many pieces for concerts. I work in many different genres, and have knowledge of many different styles and eras. I have studied music theory, harmony, arranging and...
  12. David Mackay

    Experienced composer available for film work

    Hi I'm Dave from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a passion for visual media and of course music and am keen to gain further experience in composing music for film. I love the way visual media and music (and sound) can be weaved together to create something more than those individual parts. I have...
  13. CCH Audio

    Professional music and sound design - http://cchaudio.com

    Hi everybody, We (CCH Audio) are a fairly new company offering original music and sound design. Our primary focus thus far has been video games, and we have several projects in progress at the moment, but we're looking to branch out into other mediums. We're in the process of building an...
  14. Eluukkanen

    Listen my music over an hour! Composer offers his services

    Hello there people! My real name is Elias Luukkanen, I am a composer, and I have been in many projects as a composer. I have uploaded over an hour of music into internet, so It is free for listening. I made them last year. The second reason for this topic is that I offer my...
  15. Viktoria


    Hi, everyone, I am composer and person who is looking interesting projects for yourself. I work with beginner directors and I support non-profit projects and diploma works. You can contact me if you need music for a movie, animated film, theatrical performance. My website: SoundForMovie.com