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student composer

  1. Eugene Seo

    Seaking composer for a high school student film!

    Hi! My name is Eugene and I am a G11 student filmmaker. I'm currently making a film for my IB film course at school, and I'm in an urgent need for a composer! The film is short (around 3-4 minutes) and my curriculum forbids students to use any music that was not specifically composed for their...
  2. SamBaxter

    Composer needed for student project

    I am an MA student as Salford university who needs a composer for a student film. The project will be based on celebrating Blue Peter's 60th birthday The idea that we have come up with is creating two short video. Each film will be 5 minutes long. Totalling up to 10 minutes. As we want it to...
  3. JoannaFilmComposer

    Student composer looking for Short Film

    Hello, my name is Joanna and I am studying Music for the Moving Image at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, England. I am looking for a short film to compose music to. As it will be for a school project I'll work for free. I'm new to the field I don't have any examples of my work but I know a...