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  1. Impact Audio

    Composer looking to collaborate with talented student directors!

    I've been composing music for the past 10 years and looking for new projects. Would love to connect with any of you who are needing a score for their student film. I am happy to work for publishing rights and credit. Feel free to listen to my music and contact me via www.impactaudio.co Best...
  2. Alec Brynard

    New Member from Cape Town, South Africa :) Check out our debut short!

    Hi! Alec Brynard here, Director/Co-Producer/Co-Writer at Dead Monkey Productions from Cape Town South Africa. We are a group of young aspiring genre filmmakers who have recently released our first 6-minute short film, a surreal/dreamlike Horror film featuring a really cool retro-inspired synth...
  3. H

    Looking for an energetic soundtrack?

    Hi guys, I'm an independent artist making mostly energetic electronic music (almost exclusively instrumental). If you are in need of a soundtrack in that kind of direction I would like to invite you to check out some of my stuff on soundcloud: https//www.soundcloud.com/creo You can use any...
  4. genshi

    ::| Original Film Composer Available for your Indie/Student Films |::

    A truly original and experienced Film and TV Composer is now available for your indie film projects. For no-budget and/or student films, I will work for credit depending on the project. For medium to large budget films I accept a standard 3% fee; low budget films are negotiable. I specialize...
  5. Jordi

    Composer available!

    Hey! My name is Jordi and I'm a music composer. I have three years of experience in the music business, and can play guitar, bass guitar, synths/keyboards, trumpet and flute, but can also play a bit of drums and violin. I can write anything you want, well, almost anything, just say it and we...

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