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  1. ErnestineSchillings

    Right Way to Deliver Message to Teens With a Film?

    Hello! I am going to make a short film, or you can call it a documentary with my small team about the use of social media. Actually, the concept of the film revolves around how social media is influencing the lives of teens. And how they are treating their parents in this influence. In...
  2. Brandon Watson


    Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Watson and I'm a 14 year old actor, writer, director, editor, and co-owner of Windsor Artist Productions LLC, Fountain View California with my manager Ron Sampson, CEO of Windsor Artist Management. I'm interested in the film making process and I'm looking for tips...
  3. K

    The 19th Question

    A couple go out on a first date when it is discovered that the girl has a peculiar phobia.

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