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trailer music

  1. From Shakespeare to superheros

    From Shakespeare to superheros

    Last week, I finally got round to recording this song from the 2018 production of Othello in Gillingham, for which I directed, composed and conducted the music. 'The Willow Song' is Desdemona's poignant lament at the anger of her husband. It was praised by the Fine Times Recorder for its ‘aching...
  2. Yuri-F

    Music for trailers, short films, games and media... for free.

    If you are looking for a composer I'm willing to help. I'm into different genres as epic, drama, mystery, horror and so forth. Since I haven't had much experience I can't promise anything, but I will try my best. Check my channel to know more about my works...
  3. S

    Experienced Composers for Hire (Orchestral, Action, Hybrid, Ambient, Emotional & Powerful Music etc)

    Hi, We are a London based music production house that can provide a suitable sound/cue for your new project. by bringing a dynamic and unique style in which we aim to provide you with the perfect music. Our genres consist of epic orchestral, action, hybrid, ambient, emotional, powerful etc...
  4. Josiah Earl

    Looking to score a trailer or short film!

    Hello! My name is Josiah and I am looking to score a trailer or short film pro-bono this summer :) Here's a link to a sample trailer that I finished this past week: If you are interested, please send me a link to watch your trailer or short. Cheers! Josiah
  5. Manuel F.

    If you need an epic/drama/horror etc. soundtrack for you trailer/film

    I compose every type/genre of music: theme song, soundtrack for drama/horror/action film, ambient music for documentary or videogames. I'm looking for new professional experiences, feel free to contact me. Soundcloude profile:
  6. Manuel F.

    Music composer available for your Epic/Sci fi/Drama/horror/comedy project

    Hello guys, I'm an italian composer. I compose every genre of music: theme song, trailer music, soundtrack for drama/horror/action film, ambient music for documentary or videogames. I'm looking for new professional experiences. If you like my music and want to work with me, feel free to contact me
  7. Rectobiasi

    Raouf Rectobiasi

    Hello everyone ! My name is Abderraouf Djeffel, i'm a music composer working mainly in Trailers and Soundtracks by the pseudo of Raouf Rectobiasi. Here is my facebook page to hear and see my Movies and TV placements so far : https://www.facebook.com/Rectobiasi?ref=bookmarks My SoundCloud link...
  8. M

    Hi! Am a Composer. Check out my Music!!

    Looking to score some cool shorts and to get to know some folks. Specialise in cinematic orchestral type music but am flexible! Live near London if it helps. Check out my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-tanner Here is an example of a Samsung Commercial I scored: Speak Soon!!!!

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