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  1. Ruan Lotter

    After Effects Logo Reveal Tutorial

    In this After Effects CC 2017 tutorial I show you how to create a cool spinning logo reveal effect! Please subscribe for more tutorials every week!
  2. Ruan Lotter

    Tutorial: Maya to Realflow and back to Maya

    Heya - New Maya Tutorial - Going from Maya 2017 to Realflow and back to Maya without using the Realflow connectivity plugin. Cheers! Ruan
  3. Ruan Lotter

    After Effects Tutorial: Create A Video From A 360 Degree Still Photo

    Heya! In this After Effects tutorial I explain how you can use a still 360 degree panoramic photo to create videos! Remember to subscribe for weekly VFX videos! Cheerz! Ruan
  4. Ruan Lotter

    Modo Tutorial - Shadow Catcher

    Heya - New tutorial on how to create and use a shadow catcher in Modo. For any Modo tutorial requests please let me know. Thanks for watching! r
  5. Raven Dock


    Hi, everyone! I'm going to ask a very silly question, but it's been bothering me and making me slightly paranoid. I'm currently in the process of casting a short film I have written, my very first short film. I have a very small budget and I am not paying the actors. The casting call poster...
  6. Ruan Lotter

    Mocha Pro: Tattoo Removal Tutorial

    It’s really quite easy to remove markers or tattoos from skin. Have a look at my latest tutorial where I explain how to do this. Thanks for watching! Ruan TunnelvizionTV
  7. Ruan Lotter

    Camera Projection and it’s many uses (Tutorial)

    In this Nuke Tutorial I explain how to do Camera Projection and how to use this amazing technique to create a clean plate or to remove unwanted things from your shots.
  8. Ruan Lotter

    Nuke Tutorial: Remove Video Noise

    In this tutorial I show you how to remove video noise using Nuke. Remember to download your free copy of Nuke Non-Commercial!
  9. Ruan Lotter

    How to create 360 degree YouTube Videos

    In this tutorial I show you how you can render your own 360 degree virtual reality YouTube videos using 3dsmax and VRay!
  10. Ruan Lotter

    After Effects Tutorial - Demon Eyes

    Heya! New video Tutorial is online - This time we do some horror demon eyes effects. Very quick and easy to do this one, even if you are quite new to Adobe After Effects and it looks quite real. Enjoy and please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you would like to see more of these...

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