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  1. WINTERS PAST - Short Action Thriller (WARNING: Graphic Content)

    WINTERS PAST - Short Action Thriller (WARNING: Graphic Content)

    As with every project we had difficulty and faced problems, some of them disastrously big: locations being booked and then unavailable, actors leaving days before production was to be begin, actors leaving DURING production (and hence requiring a change of story), equipment failure, injuries and...
  2. Ethan Rodriguez

    Please review the opening of my screenplay~

    (its about a paranoid politcal comic writer in the 70s who wakes up in the comic book he wrote, about a world without adults. He is an adult now, but he was a child at one point in the comic book, but as it goes on you realize the writer came from a troubled houeshold and is only imaging his...
  3. C

    Short Violent Crime Comedy

    Hey guys! Just finished up a new film and wanted to hear some input from people other than my friends and family, as you know they are slightly biased. So here's the link! Tell me what you think!

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