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  1. D


    Finnish shor zombie film with English subtitles.
  2. ChrisMiBrooker2

    Halloween Short Film

    Hi, I'm new to this site! I was just wondering if you could out this short horror (ghost/zombie) film I directed, shot and edited. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated: Thank you, Chris Brooker http://www.chrisbrookerfilms.com
  3. glasspixelstudios

    SAMURAI DEAD -- a zombie short film

    Check out our new zombie webseries: "SAMURAI DEAD" Inspired by WALKING DEAD, MAD MAX, and TWILIGHT SAMURAI, my filmmaking buddies and I decided to shoot our first zombie movie. We shot everything with a Canon Rebel T4i + 18-135mm STM lens, a four-man crew, and no $$$. Hope you enjoy our...
  4. S

    DayZ:The Movie (A Short Film)

    Hey Guys, Recently Me And Some Friends Made A DayZ Live Action Movie, This Took About 3 Weeks To Shoot And Edit. So I Would Really Appreciate It If You Could Check It Out, And Leave Some Constructive Criticism If Necessary! DayZ: The Movie- https://www.youtube....tion_3284349535 Thanks Alot...
  5. Rean Combrinck

    The Zombie Survival Kit Advert

    An ad we had to do last module for second year film major. We chose to advertise an (unconventional) Zombie Survival Kit. Enjoy! And please give feedback if you have any (apart obvious please ;P)
  6. Z

    Indie project looking for Production, Post-Production, CGI & Animation Crew

    ZOMBIE QUEEN FROM OUTER SPACE A 20 minute rock movie musical for exhibit online Shot almost entirely on a green screen stage Seeking talented people Deferred pay for most positions If interested, read more on the "Crew" link at: www.zombiequeenproductions.com Contact...

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