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16-25 and have a short film, podcast, or artwork?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Classifieds' started by YoungCreatives, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. YoungCreatives

    YoungCreatives New Member

    Are you a creative young adults aged 16-25? Have you produced a video, podcast or piece of Artwork that you are looking to present to the industry?

    If so, then you may well be perfect for YoungCreatives!

    YoungCreatives is a platform to promote work and to contact professionals in the industry. By submitting your content, you will:

    Be featured in a professional domain.
    Allow your content to be viewed by the industries biggest companies
    Meet and contact others in the creative industries
    Be headhunted based on the work you have already created
    Find jobs in the creative industries
    Build a portfolio of your creative work
    We are currently looking for videos, short films, podcasts, recorded radio shows, artwork, cartoonists and articles on creativity.

    So if you're aged 16-25 and want to see if your content is strong enough for the site, please send it to mycontent@youngcreatives.co.uk

    Thanks for reading this.

    We look forward to seeing your work!
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