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2016 Shore Scripts Competitions & Short Film Fund

Call for submissions for the 2016 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competitions.

Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition was set up to help emerging writers from around the world break into the industry. We have Oscar winning judges and over 70 production companies and agents on-board to read the best scripts that are entered each year.

2016’s contest will be open for submissions from the 1st March 2016.

This year, alongside our Feature and Short Script Contests, we are introducing a new TV Pilot Contest and our Short Film Fund; financing at least one of the winning Short scripts with a minimum budget of £5000. We have over £15,000 worth of cash and prizes that we are giving away to our winners.

Some of our judges include:

Jeremy Irons / Oscar Winning Actor / The French Lieutenant's Wide, The Mission, Dead Ringers

Tony Grisoni / Writer / Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Red Riding Trilogy, Tideland

Phyllida Lloyd / BAFTA Winning Director / Mamma Mia!, The Iron Lady

Stephen Woolley / Oscar Nom Producer / The Company of Wolves, Interview with the Vampire, The Crying Game

Jeffrey Caine / Oscar Nom Writer / The Constant Gardener, GoldenEye, Rory O'Shea Was Here

Liza Marshall / Head of Film & TV at Scott Free / Welcome to the Punch, Life in a Day, Boy A

Paul Webster / Oscar Nom Producer / Eastern Promises / Salmon Fishing in the Yemen / Atonement

Check out all of our Oscar & BAFTA winning Judges

Our roster of Production Companies

Shore Scripts Success Stories

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Thanks a lot,

The Shore Scripts Team
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